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Books & Publications

  • "Felix Angel - Trayectos"

    (Felix Angel - Trecks), 2013
    Hard Cover, Spanish, illustrated with more than one thousand photos,
    documents and archival material, 428 pp.
    Available at
    Tragaluz Editores

  • "TODOS ELLOS", poemas

    (ALL OF THEM, poems), 2011
    Art book, Spanish, illustrated in black and white with plates of the
    portfolio with the same name; included in the "Rare Books and Special
    Collections Division" of the Library of Congress of the United States of
    48 pages
    Available at
    Tragaluz Editores

  • “Nosotros Vosotros Ellos: Memoria del arte en Medellín durante los años 70”

    (We, They, Them: A Memoir About the Arts in Medellin During the 1970s), 2008 
    Hard cover, Spanish, illustrated in color, pp. 300
    Félix Ángel/Tragaluz Editores, Medelllin
    Available at Tragaluz Editores,

  • “The Latin American Spirit: Art and Artists in the United States”

    Hard cover, English/Spanish
    Illustrated in color and black and white, 344 pp.
    Co-written for the exhibition of the same name
    Bronx Museum/Harry Abrams, New York

  • "YO DIGO"

    (I SAY) 37 Issues, published between September 1975-September 1977
    Underground leaflet written and published by Félix Ángel

  • “Nosotros, un trabajo sobre los artistas antioqueños”

    (Us, a study on the artists From Medellín), 1976 
    Soft cover, Spanish, illustrated in color, 220 pp.
    Published by Félix Ángel/Museo El Castillo, Medellin.

  • “Te Quiero Mucho Poquito Nada”

    (I Love You, I Love You Not), 1975
    Soft cover, fiction, Spanish, illustrated in Black and White, 190 pp.
    Published underground by Félix Ángel in Medellin, Colombia