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Reviews & Commentaries

  • “D.C. artist’s linoleum prints make an impressive show at Gallery 42 (University of the District of Columbia). The exhibit, “Félix Ángel -The Millennium Prints” is a rare institutional occasion to view his work in Washington. His powerful black-and-white images of cyclists, horses with jockeys, boy’s heads and himself should not be missed.”

    Joanna-Shaw Eagle
    Art Critic,The Washington Times, Washington, D.C., U.S.A, 2000

  • “While observing the work of Colombian artist Félix Ángel, one comes to appreciate how throughout the years he has devised an intense and ferociously alive repertoire of images in which what seems a spontaneous line coalesces with immediacy and calligraphic intention. This is the ways the artist has chosen to dialogue with the spectator since 1972. It is also obvious that Angel’s own personality has always imposed on his work a particular stamp that identifies and differentiates his works from the trends we know. This does not necessarily indicate that he is behind or ahead of our time. He is very much in the present, his present.”

    Eduardo Hernández
    Curator, Museum of Modern Art of Cartagena de Indias, Colombia, 2000
    Catalogue of the exhibition “Félix Ángel: The Milllennium Prints and Other Selected Works”, 2000

  • “In the selection of acrylics on canvas Angel is showing here in San José (The Variations Series), horse images are the vehicles of his highly expressive, emotionally charge style. Energy-laden strokes swift around the forms, defining them and their adjoining spaces, while conveying at once a sense of power and scale related to, but beyond, the life forms his imagery represents. Remarkable craftsmanship and expressive control are strong characteristics of Angels’ work. Color is important and tasteful, while lending full support to the dominating forms. This artist’s is certainly a voice to be heard. Come prepared for a sophistication that is fresh, an aesthetic that is vigorous, a style that is dynamic, and quality level art lovers here will appreciate experiencing.”

    Bill Skuce
    Art Critic, The Tico Times, San José, Costa Rica, 1992

  • “Félix Ángel como artista confirma la creencia cada día más arraigada en mi de que el interés de una obra de arte depende de la complejidad y profundidad de la personalidad del artista. Félix no solamente posee una vasta cultural universal, sino que es un magnífico escritor, tiene formación de arquitecto, ha sido (y es) curador y crítico de arte además de ser artista. Estas razones permiten esperar más de su trabajo que del de muchos artistas de su generación que ostentan talento y habilidad técnica pero cuya obra es superficial por tener mundos de gran simplicidad.”

    María Cristina Iriarte
    Gallery owner, Director, Galería Iriarte, Santafé de Bogotá, Colombia
    Catalogue of the exhibition at Galeria Iriarte, May 14-June 10, 1991

  • “The Intimate Landscape Series express an introspective vision of the soul more than of the mind or nature. They evoke moods and spiritual states, from the contemplative to the desolate. The Mountain Series are imbued with a great deal of romanticism; their images allow the viewer’s perception to reconstruct skies, rocks and rivers, in monumental and overwhelming terms.”

    Adriana Alfaro
    Art Critic, El Tiempo, Santafé de Bogotá, Colombia, 1991

  • “The key to Angel’s aesthetic lies in seeing what he does with line, motion and form to expand the expressive possibilities of bi-dimensional representation, for despite the corpulent distortions of his figures, horses, athletes or riders; it is their bi-dimensionality which is empathically the focus of their life as images. Angel chooses to dramatize actions in which have a performance quality and which are, therefore, metaphors of the creative act itself.”

    Ricardo Pau-Llosa
    Author, poet, art critic
    Catalogue of the exhibition a Forma Gallery, Coral Gables, Florida, U.S.A., 1985

  • “No puedo separar esos personajes tensos o desarticulados, siempre en acción o agobiados por ella, de la imagen de corredor de fondo que ha sido Félix Ángel desde que empezó a mostrar nerviosamente sus dibujos en 1972, hasta que se largó a correr, batallando al tiempo en el frente polémico con sus libros TE QUIERO MUCHO POQUITO NADA, NOSOTROS y YO DIGO, y más tarde, con sus virulentos artículos críticos; y en el frente plástico donde quiso ser (y fue) muralista, profesor, director de arte, antioqueño y anti-antioqueño, grupal y solitario.
    FÉLIX ÁNGEL ha cargado los temas banales con vida propia. Y esa vida la transmite mediante el sistema más adecuado para advertirla. Tal transfusión de sangre se hace con un gran recato, al revés del ataque directo de Pedro Alcántara o del alarido de Luis Caballero. Pero, como la de ellos, su obra está hecha del doblaje de la realidad sentida y vivida como propia en una ficción que quiere ser verdad a toda costa.”

    Marta Traba
    Art Critic, Historian, Washington, D.C., U.S.A.
    Presentation in the catalogue of the exhibition at Galería Iriarte, Santafé de Bogotá, 1982

  • "The twenty drawings by Colombian artist Félix Ángel now on display at the Moss Gallery here (San Francisco), are all untitled. But they need no labels. They speak powerfully for themselves. The drawings are first rate. His line crackles and snap with activity, dynamic and rife with the feeling of highly-charged motivated motion. He draws in gray tones, the ominous mass building like thunderheads until he sets it free with sharp bursts of color as in a sky full of lightning.”

    Al Morch
    Art Critic, The San Francisco Examiner, San Francisco, California, U.S.A. 1981

  • "Angel, with considerable talent and assured control of his media, executes dramatic drawing works of importance. The exhibition is recommended not only for its demonstration of solid, excellent technique, but particularly for the impact of the art so skillfully projected by the artist.”

    Lillian Dobbs, Art Critic
    The Miami News, Florida, U.S.A., 1980

  • “The world of sports as interpreted by a young artist from Medellin, Colombia, depicts athletes stripped of their million dollar glamour….These are dynamic drawings, with a sureness of execution and a wonderful sense of distortion. Ángel’s athletes are not super-human cereal box heroes. They represent blind force, closer to Goya’s bullfighters and Picasso’s Minotaur.”

    Anne Fabbri Buttera
    Art Critic, The Drummer, Philadelphia, U.S.A., 1978

  • “The expression in these works is as profound as before, but the long, nervous pencil strokes have become more vigorous to convey a sense of speed and force. The intensity with which this young artist approaches his subjects touches the best of central core of expressionism.”

    José Gómez Sicre
    Director, Museum of Modern Art of Latin America, Organization of Americas States (OAS)
    Catalogue of the exhibition Félix Ángel of Colombia, Washington, D.C., U.S.A., 1978